Electric Royal Enfield Photon breaks cover - Price, Details, Images

Electric Royal Enfield Photon breaks cover Royal Enfield Bullet is being converted into an electric motorcycle called ‘photon’, this will be a contribution to green revolution and a great initiative by Royal Enfield.

electric classic photon royal enfield india price
The looks of this electric bike are similar to Royal Enfield Bullet. The electric bike can easily achieve a top speed of 110kms per hour. The bike has got hub mounted electric motor and gets a huge battery. Almost everything of photon is similar to Royale Enfield Bullet including the weight of the bike, paint work etc. The engine is water cooled electric motor mounted on this bikes rear wheel hub. There is no belt or chain like one would find in the usual motorcycle. The bike has got LED headlights and 3D painted battery converse. The bikes top speed and acceleration are great.
royal enfield photon electric india
The photons price is estimated to be around 18 lakh rupees and this is on a higher range for the Indian market. Photon gets same brakes, suspension duties as bullet. There are four lithium ion batteries in the pack producing 10 kilo watt hour in all. These batteries can be charged on a regular charging facility and it is claimed that it takes 90 minutes to charge it completely.